Saving money with the Checkout smart app

I’ve had the Checkout smart app for a while and I’m really liking it. They allow you to try products for free, or at a reduced rate, paying the money back to you by cashback. You purchase the item, then scan your receipt (and/or barcode) to receive the money into your account. With Checkout smart you can withdraw money at any time, but for amounts less than £20, you would incur a charge of 5%- so I’ll definitely be waiting!


Using Checkout smart is easy, and only 4 steps long:

Step 1: Check out the rewards. View exclusive offers on all your favourite grocery brands

Step 2: Shop in-store or online. Go shopping in any major supermarket and keep your receipt

Step 3: Send a photo of your receipt. Follow the instructions for taking a photo of your receipt and sending it to them.

Step 4: Get paid. We review your receipt and confirm your rewards. Your account balance is then updated

(taken from

The major headache with the apps though is that many of the products are not available in Northern Ireland, no matter how hard you search for them. In some cases this is because we don’t have the right supermarkets (Waitrose and Morrisons are out!) or just because our supermarkets don’t seem to carry the right stuff! I once spent ages traipsing around a supermarket looking for a type of yogurt that we just don’t have. And don’t get me started on those Paul Holywood bread mixes!

PhoneSo here’s my helpful hints. Look for big names that you recognize- there will often be things like
Schwartz, Loyd Grossman, Kellogg’s. If you see one of these, happy days, it’ll almost certainly be in store.

If it’s not a big brand name, don’t despair, but also, don’t go all the way to the store just to look for one item. If you log into a supermarket website before you leave the house, it will normally tell you if an item is in stock in a nearby store.

Last week we got a few different products from Super yummies for my little girl (breadsticks, rice cakes and fruit sachets), free spice mixes from Schwartz and some deeply reduced almond butter, which I hadn’t tried before but will be having again. Unless I ever get around to finally making my own- Hopefully more on that later.

When you go to the supermarket, check the item that you are planning to buy is the right one. There may be different flavours or sizes in a product line, so make sure that you are getting the right one. And maybe, don’t buy something just because it’s on the app. After all, if you know that the product isn’t going to be something you like, please don’t cause unnecessary food waste by buying it anyway.

Happy shopping!


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