Review: Persil non-bio laundry capsules

From time to time I’m given products for free or discounted in return for a fair and impartial review (y’know as far as I can, they’ve done studies). Recently, I was given a packet of 12 Persil non-bio laundry capsules. Here’s my review.

Good, but not quite a clean sweep

I’ve never used laundry capsules before, always having opted for liquid or powder, so I was curious to give these a go. When they arrived, I was pleased at the way that they looked, both in and out of their packaging. Using them very convenient- you just pop one into the washing machine before you load in your clothes, no mess, no fuss. The capsules worked well, even on a cool wash, dealing with tomato sauce and grass stains with ease, and the clothes, whilst not having a fragrance as such, smelt fresh and clean.

IMG_20170525_154717.jpgThe major downside for me, and why I have to dock one star, is because I have a 9KG washing machine, and instead of just adding a bit extra, like I can do with washing powder, I had to use another whole capsule. This would make doing a wash with capsules more expensive for me and mean that I’ll just stick to my washing powder in future. In summary, I liked the capsules, they were easy, smelt nice and worked well, but they aren’t ideal for those with larger capacity washing machines.

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