Vonshef dehydrator: a thyme saving device

My husband and I popped into Newtownbreda Tesco on Sunday about an hour before closing, just after they’d reduced a lot of stuff down. There was nothing in the meat section, but the bread and vegetable sections still had plenty.

When I saw the packets of fresh herbs in the veg section, my dehydrator- which has languished on top of my cupboard for months since making jerky- popped into my head. And at 3p a packet, it would be rude to just leave them there. Always experimenting with something, I lifted a packet of rosemary, 2 of Thyme and one of sage.


I put each type of herb on a different tray- not disconnecting any of the leaves from their stalks- and then left them overnight.

The next morning my house smelt delicious thanks to those herby smells.

The dehydrator had worked well. The herbs were well and truly dry. It was a simple thing to flake them off the stalks and then scrunch them up a little. I had an empty rosemary jar for those herbs and two little jam jars I’d held onto were perfect for the thyme and the sage.

So I’ve got approximately £2.10 of herbs for 12p, and more than that, I’ve found a new use for my dehydrator.


Oh, and btw, the above are pictured on the free chopping board that I got through IKEA’s swipe a surprise.

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