Meat-free Monday: cauliflower steaks

Yesterday was a Monday and I always try (but don’t always succeed) in making Mondays a meat-free day. You can read more about meat-free mondays here

I’d been pretty lucky with my reduced stickers on Sunday (including a celeriac that I don’t know what to do with :s) and one of the things I picked up was Tesco Cauliflower steaks for a princely 6p. 

I had to laugh at the idea of a cauliflower steak. It’s a slice through a cauliflower, that’s all. I’d love to have been in that board meeting where they were trying to think up ways to sexy up that vegetable.

“We could try an ice cream?”

“Nah, people would never go for that. How about we cut it in slices, add in a dressing and call it a steak?”

“Sounds hot.”

Clever though- they charge £2 for it normally.

It takes about half an hour all in (with a flip half way through) and then comes with a dressing.

I should really have stuck it on a fancy plate and dressed it up with some rocket, but… here’s how it looks.

Taste-wise, it was ok. Nothing super special, and had I spent the £2 on it, I would have been disappointed. 

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