Tuesday freebie: Hot drink at Caffe Nero

The O2 priorities app gives a few different freebies and offers, though many of them aren’t available in Northern Ireland. We do, however have Caffe Nero, and every Tuesday O2 customers can get a free hot drink. This was a problem considering that I’m with the 3 network.

Clever hubby though ordered me an O2 pay-as-you-go sim and I just popped it in my 2nd sim slot. Now I could access the O2 priority app.

Today I walked over to Ballyhackamore, about a half hour walk with the buggy, saving on diesel and getting me some exercise. I fired up the app on my phone (internet required) getting the QR code the staff needs to give you your discount. I got a free decaf cappuccino, he got a free flat white. What’s more, we got our loyalty cards stamped, meaning that we should get futher free drinks later.

All that aside, it’s a nice thing for me and the girls to meet my husband after work each Tuesday and relax and chat with a coffee. And the fact that it’s free is the icing on the carrot cake.

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