For want of a nail…

I was visiting my dad yesterday and he had a petrol hedge strimmer from his next door neighbour that wouldn’t start. My dad is the handiest man that I know, whether it’s fixing my car or a camera or building a brick wall. 

He quickly dismantled it and found the problem, some little diaphragm that had split. 

For want of this little piece of plastic and metal the whole machine was disposable, because it wouldn’t be possible to get a replacement. I found that ridiculously sad. What a waste of money, what a waste of resources.

Fortunately my dad is a determined man and he wasn’t giving up, he found an old capacitor that was just ‘lying around’ with a little diaphragm that fitted perfectly. A little more tinkering later and it was working perfectly. It had gone from disposable to working. I love that he was able to save this from the bin. 

I just wish that along with his determination I’d inherited some of his technically skills!!

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