A pain in the backside

Just a quick post tonight as I’m wrecked after putting my little girl to sleep. She’s teething, and getting her over to sleep is a nightmare. Is that a contradiction? Haha.

Tonight, I had to give her a dose of calpol before she went to bed. Well, rather it wasn’t calpol, it was a numark paracetamol suspension. It’s exactly the same amount of paracetamol, but it’s much cheaper. The numark solution is £2.25 for 200mls, whereas calpol is £4.50 for 200mls, exactly half the price. 

There are other versions of paracetamol suspensions on the market too, such as galpamol sold at Tesco, or parapaed for example. This really is a case of paying more for the brand. It’s the same stuff!

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