Weekly round up

It’s been relatively frugal week here at Belfastbudgetblog HQ. I mean, I did need to splash out £55 for a new car tyre after I stupidly ran into a kerb, and ended up ripping through the tyre wall, but fortunately the tyre was basically worn anyway so no real harm done. I could have got a budget tyre for £35, but we’re hoping to keep this car for a long time, so may as well put a half decent tyre on her. 

Saturday was spent doing some jobs around the house. It’s not the easiest thing in the world with two little girls, so daddy took them out for a walk while I trimmed back some trees in the back garden- I know, reversal of steriotypical gender roles. But after being mummy all day all week, sometimes it’s nice to get stuck into something physical and completely different. We could have paid for a professional tree surgeon to cut them down, but instead we opted to buy one of these:

It’s basically a chainsaw on a stick. You still have to be so careful with it even though the blade is kept away from you, not to mention ensuring that you don’t drop a massive branch on your head. Hopefully dad will get the loan of his friend’s big trailer soon and we can get rid of the branches. We’re keeping some for drying and burning in our chiminea. 

On Sunday we all went for a long walk, picking up a couple of hot drinks in Ballyhackamore on route. We got caught in a massive rain shower and took shelter at a bus stop where my husband found a pound coin. I’ve found in the past that bus stops is a good place to look for loose change as people will be pulling stuff out of their pockets when the bus arrives. If every penny counts ‘road kill money’ (I didn’t name it that) is a very nice find.

After we got home I took a run to Lidl for our shopping. I find if I shop there, rather than Tesco, I tend to buy less things. They don’t have much of a reduced section, but I did get 2 portions of already reduced pork mince for 70p each, so they’re frozen away for meat balls during the week. I also got two packets of cooking bacon. This stuff is fabulous for pepping up all manners of things- like pastas, quiches etc and frankly, sometimes it’s not clear why the bacon was rejected, and you can just eat it as it is.

My plan for this month is to eat of of my cupboards and freezers as much as possible. They really are bursting at the seams and that’s just silly. There are all sorts of beans and lentils (for bacon and lentil soup with my cooking bacon, yum!), pastas, nuts and grains in there that could do with being used up. 

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