Rhythm and Rhyme



It’s a small library, but it does a lot



I decided to take a trip to our local library today. My little girl loves books, whether it’s mum or dad reading them, or if it’s just her leafing through, pretending she knows what the words are. We arrived just in time for the last 15 minutes of Rhythm and Rhyme.


Rhythm and Rhyme is on at different times at various Northern Irish libraries


Rhythm and Rhyme is a free activity for children at lots of different Northern Irish libraries, singing and saying rhymes together. Find more information here. It was taken by one of the librarians who was pleasant and enthusiastic as she led us with words and actions through some well-known (and not so well-known) nursery rhyme and the kids had the best time joining in.

Next time, I might try and arrive on time next week so the girls can experience the whole group.

What’s more, we were given a free childrens book, “Every bunny dance,” from the Bookstart charity to keep. The idea of Bookstart is to “inspire a love of reading.” The first book I read with DD1 was from Bookstart, so it’s a charity I know and appreciate.


A cute book with lovely colourful illustrations

I borrowed a few books myself, on self-sufficiency and foraging and one on looking after my house which I hope that will help me keep this place tidy.



A couple of my library rentals. I’ll let you know if they’re any good


Our libraries are a great resource. I used to be a book addict, spending a fortune on books, so using the library will save me a lot of money. And will help keep this house from turning into a library of my own.

I also got the girls application forms for their own cards. That way, if I’m late returning their books, I won’t get charged!

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