Ulster Museum

I’ll be honest, my kids are too young to really appreciate the Ulster Museum. Our baby slept as we pushed her round, and DD1 (just turned 2), who’d been exited when I said we were going to see the dinosaurs, suddenly decided they were actually kind of scary and she didn’t like them after all.

The museum is free, technically, but a donation is recommended, big or small, to help keep the place running. There’s also a really nice cafe, but we had coffee and snacks before going in, so we weren’t tempted to splurge.

We had fun looking at the taxidermy animals and running around the rock section, but then we headed to the art section on the 5th floor and it was the best thing ever as far as she was concerned.

As much paper as she could use and colouring pencils in every shade. We literally had to drag her away after about 30 minutes, with the promise of food. We bypassed the gift shop on the way out, because if I saw the plushy dinosaurs, I would be buying said plushy dinosaurs.
We had a great day out at the Ulster Museum, and though only a tiny bit appealed to our 2 year old, I can’t wait to go back and back again as they get older. It’s a great and frugal day out.

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