On appreciating free things…

I met a friend today Hillmount Garden centre in the Castlereagh Hills. I had a voucher for 2 free cups of tea/ coffee that had come in a flyer for the annual fête at St. Dorothea’s which we plan to go to this year for the first time.

I have a soft spot for Hillmount, because my Granda used to bring me here all the time when I was younger. I didn’t eat lunch myself, because I knew that I had food at home, but my kids are wee, and there’s no way they’d wait.

Hillmount have great little side salads for just £1, and they’re a great size for the money. One bowl, plus a sausage roll was more than enough for both my girls. Plus, we gave the staff free entertainment watching the baby. And the conversation was free, but valuable.

I grabbed a free magazine that lists all the events for kids in June and now we’re planning to go to a free open farm event on Sunday.

On the way home we stopped the car on the Middle Braniel Road for another freebie, the fantastic views of Belfast (this photo doesn’t do it any justice).

And this bunny:

So the moral of the story, I guess, is that freebies are great, and if you keep your eyes open there are more of them that you realise.

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