Budget Bacon and Lentil soup, botched

I mentioned in an earlier post how I planned use up a lot of the things in my cupboard this month, I made a start today when I used up the last of my Lidl’s cooking bacon (all of the unsuccessful slices of bacon packaged up together. It’s tasty, cheap and like a fun little bacon-y Russian Roulette as you just don’t know what you’re going to get) and some lentils to make a lentil and bacon soup.

One of my many cupboards which needs emptied out.

Cooking bacon: ranges from teeny offcuts of bacon, to big bacon-like steaks like these

Bacon and lentil soup is a great comfort food, not to mention it’s frugal (costing pennies a serve). It’s especially good on a cold, dark Winter’s night where you need warmed up.


Now, whilst there are recipes out there for bacon and lentil soup (like this one maybe), I’m a busy mum of two young kids who are having a grumpy pants day. My recipe went something like this:

Bacon and Lentil soup. Botched up

  • Get the pressure cooker down and pour in some red lentils. Add a few more, for good luck.
  • Add water. A third of the way up the pan or so, I guess.
  • Throw in a stock cube. Is that one of the low salt ones? I think so. I hope so.
  • The recipe says to sweat the chopped onion and fry the bacon… eh, just throw it in the water, it’ll all cook.
  • What else can I add? This courgette looks a little old, I’ll chop it up and throw it in.
  • A potato? Why not?
  • And lastly a tin of tomatoes. Because the bacon and lentil soup you had that time in that restaurant was more orangey than this.
  • Lid on, whack it up to full power and then when the pressure cooker starts to whistle drop it down to a simmer.
  • Just before you leave the house , switch it off, give it a blend with the stick blender. Burn yourself slightly because you dipped your finger in for a taste, forgetting the soup was molten.
  • Feel smug, boast to your friends how easy it is to make soup.
  • Go home, put it back on to reheat and then get distracted by something in a different room.
  • Come back ten minutes later to discover that your kitchen is full of steam and the pressure cooker has spluttered (for want of a better word) blended lentils and water all over the hob, wall and surrounding worktop.
  • Clean up some of the lentil soup, rescue the soup in the pot by adding extra water.
  • Feed cranky children.
  • Clean up children, realising that white clothes, a baby and orange soup was not a good idea.
  • Clean up the rest of the soup in the kitchen.
  • Eat yours 45 minutes later, warmed up three separate times in the microwave.
  • Actually enjoy the soup and think about making it again sometime. Without botching it up.

What are your go to store cupboard recipes?


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