DIY haircut

I’ve been cutting my husband’s hair for about 6 years now.

I was doing the sums and I reckon that mean’s I’ve saved us over £500 in that time. As well as that, having the skill meant that I’ve been able to cut his hair at very short notice, like when he needed a haircut one evening before going to a funeral the next day. It’s also easy to get his hair cut in the evening after the girls are in bed, rather than rushing to try and slot it in during the working day or at the weekend.

The first time I cut his hair, it actually went ok, but I was so worried that I’d make a mess I kept it longer than I would have liked, meaning that a barber would be able to fix it if it all went wrong. I remember that it took forever, using a pair of scissors that weren’t specifically for hair, but it turned out alright, and I’ve been doing it ever since.

After that, I upgraded to a pair of hairdressers scissors. It was faster, especially as I got better at what I was doing. I still use those for tidying up around the ears and around the base of the neck.

Braun hairclippers that my husband got free for a review


Most recently, my husband got a free Braun beard and hair trimmer (AKA clippers) in return for a review, and I gave that a go. Like the first time I cut his hair, I purposely kept it as long as I could, just in case I had to fix it, or get someone else to fix it.

I have to say, using a trimmer like the one that I had made it a breeze. I cut the majority of it using the longest setting, then switched to a shorter setting for the sideburns. The top I kept long in his normal style.

There are a ton of YouTube videos on hair cutting that will do a better job of explaining the actual ins and outs of particular styles.

Don’t be afraid to give it a go. But remember these tips:

  • Get the right tools for the job
  • Keep the haircuts longer until you’ve got the confidence and experience to get it shorter.
  • If you have anyone with experience of cutting hair, why not ask for some pointers.


Have you ever tried cutting someone’s hair? How did it go?

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