Wild cherries. Get them before the birds do

I was out walking today, and I’ve noticed that the wild cherries are ripe (and quite delicious).

You can see a few in the photograph below in amongst the leaves. They look, basically identical to those you would buy in the shops, but nowhere near as fat. These little cherries go purpleish red when ready.

I plan, if I get a chance, to take a wander down the Comber greenway tomorrow and see if I can get some more than the couple I grabbed today.

These wee cherries grow everywhere, you just have to keep your eyes open for them. I’ve also noticed them around the Stormont estate, along Bangor seafront, and pretty much everywhere in Newcastle. I’ve never really managed to collect them in great numbers- just a few here and there to snack on, though I’d love to get enough to make a liqueur.

The problem with these cherries, is now that they’re ready, there will be a lot of competition for them. The trees in my work each year are covered with cherries, and every year the birds get to them just before I do. I’ll see if I can have any more luck this year.

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