App review: Shopmium

A little while ago I reviewed a cashback app called checkoutsmart that gives you moneyback on selected items at shops and supermarkets. I’ve been road testing another one for a little while and now I’m ready to review it. 

This app is called Shopmium. Like Checkoutsmart, it shows you a selection of items that you can get for free or at a discount. You purchase them then take photos of your receipt and scan the barcode. Unlike Checkoutsmart you get paid into your paypal account as soon as your purchase is verified.

The major drawback of this app is that very often they will show you items that aren’t available in Northern Ireland because they are only on offer at Waitrose or Morrisons, or they simply aren’t carried by our supermarkets. When you do find an item though it’s like finding a prize in a treasure hunt. In a similar way as with Checkoutsmart, you’re much more likely to find the product if its a bigger brand name.

One more thing to tell you about is the ‘refer a friend’ section. If you sign up using my referral code ACKGKFCK (see below). You’ll get an extra freebie, and -full disclosure- I’ll get a reward too. Once you’ve signed up using my referral code, there’s nothing to stop you referring your friends and collecting rewards too!

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