Trash nothing

Have you heard of freegle or freecycle? If not, don’t worry. Now it’s Trash nothing that you want. 

Every day hundreds of usable objects- things that have taken natural resources to make- are thrown in the bin. Furniture, electronics, toys, things that could be given another chance at life, are discarded. The idea of Freecycle and Freegle is to bring the givers and the needers together.

Trash nothing is an interface that brings together freegle and freecycle into the same place to make it easier to give and receive. 

Having just typed in my postcode on the app, I can see that there are 20 groups (sorted into areas) that I could subscribe to. Whilst the Belfast group is the largest, you should be able to find a group nearby.

I have joined 4 nearby groups, giving me a large pool of trashnothing-ers to interact with.
We’ve never got anything too big on trashnothing, because honestly, I don’t want to be greedy, though we once got given a lovely antique sideboard that we upcycled and a leather armchair that I used as a breastfeeding chair. Those both would have been worth something.

We did save a clean fortune once thanks to trashnothing. We’d ripped up a pile of decking in our back garden. To get a skip in Belfast of the size we needed would have cost about £200, so instead, I advertised the wood on trashnothing. We got about 6 takers in the end. A couple of people picked through the pile for the good bits to make planters, the rest went to people who wanted it as firewood. It took a while, but every bit of its gone. We’re happy because we saved money, and we made 6 other people happy to. 

What’s not to love?

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