Let’s talk about Muscle Food

I’m a member of a Facebook page called ‘feed yourself for £1 a day’ and time and again they recommended Muscle Food for being good value, especially when they had a good offer on.
I never thought much about it because I assumed that it wasn’t available in Northern Ireland. Then, when the UPS guy was dropping off a delivery, I noticed a Muscle Foods parcel in the van. Being observant/ nosey can pay off now and again.

So, onto their website I went. 

And they did have an offer on. They were offering a fresh summer meats selection, reduced from £91.65 to £50. Sounded good, right? But for me the test is how much extra it is delivery to Northern Ireland. A quick search surprised me: there were no additional postage charges to Northern Ireland. 

What’s more, according to their website the delivery would normally arrive 24 hours after being picked and packed.

So I went ahead and made my order. It let me chose the day I wanted. Tuesday would have been the soonest order, but Wednesday suited me better. I selected this option. 

Then I received this email:

A bit of a pain in the bum, considering if I’d known I would have ordered for the Tuesday, but hey ho. And the extra ice packs were a good touch.

The order, by the way, is delivered by DPD, and upon placing your order you can opt for like a upgrade to the courier service meaning they’ll send you extra texts to keep you updated on your order. Save your money, you get texts anyway giving you an hour or so notice of when your order would arrive. That’s much more accuracy than most couriers would give. And if you’re not in, they’ll leave it somewhere safe.

When my order arrived, I was so excited to see how it would all go. I signed for the courier, took the box straight into the kitchen and opened it.

Muscle Food meat comes chilled, not frozen and they have a patented system that should keep food chilled for 72hours.

But, when I opened it, the contents felt warm to the touch. I got my candy thermometer and put it into the packet of chicken and it was over 12C. 

I’m not a fan of food waste, but I’m also not a fan of food poisoning. I froze everything to get its temperature down, and then emailed Muscle food to ask what I should do. I must admit that I felt nervous that they wouldn’t believe me, or would think that I was some sort of chancer. But the customer service was very good- they asked me some questions and then said that a repeat delivery was on its way. It was very sad to have to throw £80 odd worth of meat in the bin but rather that than giving myself salmonella.

It was a very warm day the day my delivery arrived. Perhaps even with Muscle Food’s special cooling packaging, the trip to Northern Ireland was too long.

Take 2

The next Wednesday the repeat delivery arrived. I hadn’t been there to sign for it, so I was a bit worried that after having sat on my doorstep for two hours it would be too warm, just like last time.

The box looked a little damaged in the bottom corner, but all looked good when I opened it.

Once unpacked, it looked something like this:

That’s a lot of meat. 

(That’s what she said)

I split the big bags of chicken up into bags of 2- just the perfect size between 2 adults and 2 little ones. Everything, except the rump steaks went into the freezer straight away. 

These, I cooked on the ol’ George Foreman grill for dinner, medium rare with a bit of pepper sauce and they were awesome. 

Don’t be put of by the company name if you’re not an elite athlete, because- and I know this may come as a surprise- I’m not. Yes, they do packages for building muscle, and special things like high protein pizza, but this is just good meat, no fillers, no crap and it’s cheaper than in the supermarket, particularly if you catch a good offer. 

For example, the chicken in my order was £4.80 a kilo, while the cheapest from tesco is £5.79 (the cheapest comparable, not the cheapest which are full of fillers). And this one has won awards, so even better.

They also have things which you won’t find for sale in the supermarket in their exotic selection, such as ostrich, crocodile and horse (you were eating it before without realising anyway!).


I was impressed by my order at Muscle Food: first of all was great value meat, then the fact that the delivery to Northern Ireland was free with my order was great. Next, the customer service was fantastic and finally the food has been delicious so far. 

I recently discovered that I have insulin resistance, meaning that carbs are not my friend, but healthy fats and proteins are. I’ll definitely be returning to Muscle food in the future to try some of their other products- particularly when they have a good offer on!

If you would like to try Muscle Food, I have a referral code that will give you a free gift, as well as giving me money off my next order (currently £5). 

My referral code is LC653360

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Muscle Food

  1. Is there more to this post? You’ve left us on a cliffhanger! Was the second batch edible/the right temperature? (You actually got me hooked into knowing the answer, so well done on that! lol)


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