App review: Job spotter

Do you ever see a shop with a ‘Help wanted’ sign in the window? That sign is worth money, as the app, ‘Job Spotter’ will pay you to take photos and upload them.

When you spot a help wanted sign, you need to log into the app. This is a bit of a pain, as it would be good if you take the photos and upload them later, but anyway. Once inside the app, you’re required to take a photo of the help wanted sign and then one of the front of the business. Then you submit it. 

After either no time at all, or days and days later (it’s not been consistent) you’ll be paid in points that you can redeem as an Amazon gift card. I’ve never totally got how they calculate the exact number of points paid, but you get more points for small businesses, named job positions, and good photographs. 

So far, I really like the app. It just sits on my homepage until needed, and then when I’m wandering around the town and I see a help wanted sign I fire it up. It’s very easy and I imagine if you were often in the city centre you would rack up points very quickly. I’ve gone right off Amazon recently, so I wish you could opt to be paid into PayPal instead, but it doesn’t matter. I like to think of each job spotted that I’m paid for as loose change, that will add up for little work. I think its a great idea.

You can download the app in the play store.

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