The best baby gift in the world

When a baby is born, it’s shocking the amount of stuff that you suddenly need to own. Moses baskets, prams, cots and so many itty bitty baby clothes.

And don’t get me wrong, baby gifts are awesome. They are, and we’re grateful as hell, but suddenly there is way more laundry than you ever saw before in your life, and the sink keeps filling itself with dishes, and that little job that’s nagging at you is still not getting done.

And this is why the best baby gift out there isn’t material. It’s the gift of time. On Monday my mum came round and helped me tidy my house. She sat with the girls whilst I did dishes, put a load of washing on and cleaned the bathroom. Then, while I drank a cup of tea, she cleaned the dining room. 

My house is in no way clean, but it’s a damn sight cleaner. And I therefore feel a lot less stressed.

So next time someone you know has a kid, toys and clothes are good, but time is a really precious gift.

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