One for the ladies- reusable sanitary towels

So this is going to be a post about menstruation, so if you don’t want to read on, don’t worry, there are plenty of other even more wonderful posts elsewhere on this blog 😉




Still here? Let’s begin.

Every month or so we ladies have to go through menstruation. And I don’t know about you, but I personally think it sucks. 

Not only do we have to bleed, but we have to be grumpy, bloated and crampy. Men really don’t know how lucky they have it.

Did you know that tampons are considered luxuries? They are taxed at a higher rate because of this. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never considered them a luxury. Tesco recently released an ad saying that they will pay this tampon tax for us and that’s great, but can we do better?

What I’m going to talk about will give some of you the heebie jeebies, but stay with me. The best way to save money every month is by the use of reusables. 

Let me introduce you to some of my reusable pads. These are just two of them, I have a selection of six, which cost me £5 on eBay. They are comfortable and soft, with various levels of absorbancy depending on the day of your period. Six is probably enough to get most people through a period, but if, like me, you have heavy periods, you might consider investing in more. 

They simply attach around your underwear by use of the little poppers. And whilst they can shift a little, I’ve never had an issue with them wandering off too far 😉 

Now, we’ve talked about the absorbancy of the pads, let’s talk about housekeeping. The fear, of course, is having to change your pads when out and about and having to carry a used pad with you. I have a little wetbag I carry around when I need it. I’ve never really needed it. 

When it comes to laundering them, I take the pad and rinse it in cold water- hot water sets the stain- until the water runs clear, then all you need to do is pop them in your wash. They wash up as good as new. 

I had a conversation about reusable pads with a friend who found the idea quite disgusting. 

“Don’t they smell?”

No, and here’s why. Because they’re made of breathable material moisture can escape, keeping them fresher. Women, in general, are advised to wear underwear that is made from cotton as we are prone to infections. Why then would wearing a plastic sanitary towel for 5-7 days be a good idea? Plus, you’ll have a smell bin when you disposed of your pads, whilst I won’t.

Also, there is a suggestion that bacteria can florish on the synthetic fibres of a disposable sanitary towel, increasing our risks of infection. That isn’t something any woman would want. That’s why from now on, I’m going to use disposables and just replace them when necessary.

The use of reusable pads is also beneficial to the environment. Because our disposable pads look nice and white, we kind of assume that they are made from some lovely, wholesome material, but its all just plastic, and as I covered in a previous blog, plastic doesn’t rot. And no one is trying to recycle used sanitary towels as far as I know. 

And the more I read up on plastic, the more and more I try to stay away from it.

And as for the price?

As I said above, my reusable pads cost me £5.00. That’s about 85p each. Now, compared to a disposable pad at about 6p it sounds like the maths doesn’t stack up. I use approximately 12 pads each period, or rather, I change my pad. At 12 x 6, that’s 72p each time for disposables. That means within seven periods they’ve paid for themselves. And if properly cared for they will last for years, meaning they will continue to save money for years to come. And yes, you could take into account the extra laundering, but as the reusable pads are just going into a wash with the rest of my laundry, this cost is negligible.

And if you have sewing skills, yoi could even try your hand at making your own.

So, to recap reusable pads:

  • Save you money
  • Are more comfortable than disposables
  • Are better for your vaginal health
  • Are better for the environment
  • Are easy to look after.

They also take up less space than disposable pads, and there’s never any need to stock up. 

Why not give them a try?

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have on them 🙂

5 thoughts on “One for the ladies- reusable sanitary towels

  1. I’ve been thinking about using these for a while, the main concern I have is that my periods are heavy and I’m not sure how absorbent the pads would be. I think the only way to know for sure is to try them out.


    1. I have days of very heavy periods too. I’ve started using a menstrual cup on those days too. I was a bit weirded out at first, but now I’m converted. I’ll do a post on that, if I haven’t already 🙂


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