Five frugal things

I follow a blog called ‘The Non-Consumer Advocate,’ where the author frequently posts her five frugal things. 

I honor of her, and because having started a new job recently and not having much time or energy for a full long post- here are my five frugal things.

  1. I asked on my local freecycle if anyone had any fruit trees and I got two responses. A lovely lady that lived fairly close invited me around to her garden, where she had a number of mature apple trees and a big plum tree, just covered in ripe plums. So far I’ve made a load of prunes, spiced plum chutney and have a bucket of mashed plums in the fermentation bucket, on their way to becoming plum wine. We also just ate a ton, because they were so juicy and ripe. 
  2. We signed up the the Government’s Taxfree childcare scheme. Childcare is so expensive, but at least if we use the taxfree scheme we’ll save 20% on our childminders fees. 
  3. I made my own peanut butter. It’s the easiest thing. Take some roasted, shelled and deskinned peanuts, toast for a few minutes and then stick them in a food processor. Blitz them until you think you should stop. Then blitz for another 5 minutes until they’re a paste. 
  4. I made my own yogurt. Easiest thing in the world, and one that I’ll cover in a future post.5. I found a pound coins in a trolley, €2 euros in a carpark and have made about £15 over the past week or so with job spotter. All of that is hoing towards Christmas presents.

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