Renewing a driver’s licence

I haven’t posted in a while, and I’m sorry about that. Thing’s have been very busy recently, but hopefully I’m now in the right headspace to write a bit more. 

My husband and I have been looking at our finances alot recently, and I’m pleasantly surprised by how little we’ve spent. And there is a reason. A good reason. We look after every penny, we consider how much time it cost us to earn it, and then decide whether or not it’s worth our time. 

And we make sure that we don’t give away our money to banks etc.

Recently, I enrolled for a training course in England, and as soon as I had signed up, I realised I had no ID. Since the last election- and we’ve had our fair share this year- I have no idea where my driver’s licence is. Fast forward to me getting my application all filled out, then not being able to pay for it. They wanted a cheque, which I dont have (like, who still does really?) or a postal order. 

I figured a postal order would be easiet, as there’s a post office 5 minutes walk from work. £7.50. That’s how much they wanted for a £30 postal order. 

No thanks. 

Well, what about my bank then? I mean, it’s my money, and they had previously offered me a cheque book for that account. Surely them making me a single cheque would be free (or at least cheap). Nope. £10 to spend my own money. 

No thank you. 

And so, at lunch, out I popped to the DVA and paid my £30 using my debit card, and saving myself a pound or so on the price of postage too. It was a pain to have to run out, but I knew it was done, knew I wouldn’t have to wait for a cheque to clear and didn’t fund the bank manager’s Christmas party.

So spend a little minute thinking before you spend and you’ll find out you end up spending less.

Or don’t lose your drivers licence. Take your choice on which moral you prefer to end the story.

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