Freezing prices

I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I did. We didn’t break the bank, and had a few little last minute windfalls that helped me meet my sidehustle challenge (more on this later).

Someone once asked me what my biggest moneysaver was. It’s an easy answer: shopping in the reduced section of the supermarket.

Every evening at around 7pm, supermarkets reduce the nearly-out-of-date produce down to it’s lowest level in the hopes of clearing the shelf, and still getting something for it. We always do decently around Christmas when there are tons of stuff left over- I once filled a big trolley for about £20 which lasted us until March or so.

This year we did pretty well, finding things like this turkey mince and freezing it away until we need it (this label was wrong, but still a good price). Tescos lowest price seems to be 10% of it’s total price, whilst Asda just reduce everything down to a nominal price. For the Asda in Dundonald this is often 10p, but at the one in Larne it’s often 5p.

When we arrive at the supermarket, we first check the reduced meat section (best value), before moving on to the veg, then the bread. Some supermarkets also have a reduced freezer section which is great.

You might find that the things in the reduced section are rather random, but this only means that you might have to be a little experimental in your cooking, and there’s nothing wrong with that 🙂

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