Shopping from your own cupboards

We recently planned to move house- I say ‘planned’ because, for a number of reasons, we decided to call the move off- and as part of this, I vastly reduced the number of shopping trips I did and decided to instead, work through my cupboards, eating through the food stores that I’ve built up for the last year or two.

Part of this was in an effort to reduce the things I’d have to bring with me when we moved, and part was to save money. I wouldn’t say that we were over-reaching with the house we were moving to, but it was definitely a step up in spending each month.

I had a ridiculous amount of dried food- beans, lentils, beans and four hundred and seventy-three types of pasta (might be hyperbole, but only just!). Then, there were my freezers, which were packed to the gills as well. For three weeks, I slowly worked out way through my cupboards, and honestly, as well as saving over £70, compared to normal months, I actually became a better cook. Though, to be fair, there were some weird ‘fusion’ meals like spaghetti Bolognese with naan bread.

Once of the best things I made was my own rice pudding, made from half a bag of 13p pudding rice bought about a year ago that had languished in the back of my cupboard unloved and uneaten for far too long.

There’s still a lot more things in our cupboards to eat through. There’s also our freezers- tonight we found beef heart at the back of our freezer from about 6 months ago. I’ll make something with that for lunch tomorrow

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