Money for Nothing

As part of our effort to declutter our house I’ve been donating and selling things from round the house. Things I no longer want or need and that are just taking up space.

Some things have gone to charity shops, some on Freecycle and a lot more have been or are being sold. I’ll do another post on some of the things I have been selling, but for now, let me talk about the means I’m using to sell them.

First off, let’s talk about Facebook marketplace.

It’s one of the little icons on the Facebook bar. It’s quick, its easy and it’s good for people to see your item, particularly if it’s a impulse buy.

However, I find that I’ve not had much luck with it. People always ask you to deliver (Dude, it’s a £3 item and you live half an hour away), or else you go though the whole rigamarole of organising pickup and then they don’t show. Not my favourite.

Next on the list is Gumtree. It’s one of the best local selling sites in the UK, and particularly in Northern Ireland, where some of the other selling sites (e.g. Sphock) haven’t taken off here yet.

There is an app (see below) but I just use the browser these days as on my phone there just isn’t space.

Gumtree is good as you can filter for only those sellers who are close to you, so you don’t have people asking if you’ll deliver from Belfast to Fintona. However, you do get a lot of emails giving you silly, and insulting offers.

“Hey that sofa you’re selling for £60, would you take £5? I’ll pick up tonight.”

No I won’t. No you won’t.

Still, for selling big, bulky items, like furniture, Gumtree is the way to go.

Next, of course, is eBay.

Email is the biggest online auction site, so successful that there are lots of people around the country who sell on eBay professionally. I’m not planning to do that, but just reduce the amount of stuff in my house, and make a little money for nothing. In fact, I love eBay so much that it’s my first app on my phone.

The good thing about eBay is that when you post an item, you’re posting it into a worldwide marketplace. The bad thing is that, as a seller you’re at a disadvantage if your buyer decides there’s an issue with your item as eBay will almost certainly rule in their favour. Good if you’re a buyer though.

The fees are also a little high- if you sell something at £10, you lose £1.54 in fees, but honestly, you are selling to a wide audience, so are probably getting more than you would otherwise. I’ve been at this a while now, and have feedback of 1688, so people trust me.

I’ve been selling anything and everything on eBay recently, and have a lot more things still up for sale. As much of it is stuff I’ve taken from the backs of cupboards, it really is money for nothing. In the past 2 months I’ve made close to £200 from selling things that were just taking up space.

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