Money for Nothing Part 2

I said in my last post that I’ve recently been doing a major clear out of things from around my house to declutter and to recoup some of their value. These are mostly things from around the house that I haven’t used in a while, so I consider these to be money for nothing. Let me give you a rundown of the things (some of which are slightly surprising!) that I’ve sold on eBay in the past two months.

My husband and I decided that as we no longer watch them, it was time to do a major clear out of our DVDs. For most DVDs there isn’t really much money in them at all- people probably aren’t willing to spend more than 99p, and then you have to pay postage. The problem here is that the big companies such as Music-magpie have the market tied up. They buy used DVDs for pennies, and they pay a much-reduced postage price compared to private sellers. You won’t be able to compete. I advise you sell locally on Facebook, or just donate them. Do check though, there is a chance that you have something a little bit rare that’ll be worth a bit more. However, whilst single DVDs do not really keep their money, box sets do hold up a bit better.


Completely Round the Twist

Father Ted

Lark rise to Candleford

Lion King Trilogy (Bluray)

All these sold for in and around (or more than) £10.

My husband agreed to let me sell his old MegaDrive games, some of which actually go for decent sums. Street Fighter 2, Revenge of the Shinobi and Golden Axe have all sold. We have another six on for sale for various sums. We’ve had some offers, but no bites yet. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

I also sold my husband’s copy of the original Pokemon blue for the Gameboy, with his permission. It was a little faded, so didn’t expect too much and therefore were happy with what we got for it. Then, after going through my Mum and Dad’s roofspace, I found my copy of the manual for the same game. A quick Google showed that people were selling them, and mine was in better condition that the ones going for sale. I put it up for £15, plus postage, but left offers on. When someone came along and offered me £10, I was happy enough.


I’ve sold other Pokemon items in the past, including Pokemon cards (I must dig those out and sell some more) and some Pokemon comic books. I suppose vintage items hold their value.

I’ve also been selling a few items of clothing: a Superdry jumper, a Jaques Vert Silk dress and a Wool flat cap that Eoin had never worn. We’re not talking big sums of money for any of these, but the point is that small sums (particularly when you’re not using them) add up. And they’ve cleared out some space. Why not take a look in your own roofspace?

I still have 26 active items, with some more to be added. I have a few auctions that will end on Sunday that will sell, including a The Puppet Company puppet that has already had plenty of interest. So fingers crossed.

Oh, and I finally sold something successfully on Facebook Marketplace. I cleared out a good iron that I don’t use as we got given a new one. Didn’t get much for it again, but it’s more space, and a little more money for the Christmas pot, plus it helped out someone who was setting up a new home. Win win win.



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