Quick! IKEA advent calendars are selling like Kanelbullar

Just a quick post tonight, because you still have time to get yourself over to IKEA to buy some of their advent calendars.

This is a fantastic offer. When you buy a  £2.95 advent calendar, you get handed a £5 voucher. Then inside the calendar (as well as delicious Swedish chocolate) is another voucher. Most will be for only £5, but you could be lucky and scoop one of the 10 £100 ones.

There are only 75,000 advent calendars across all its UK stores and:

  • 50,000 contain a £5 voucher
  • 20,000 contain a £15 voucher
  • 4,990 contain a £25 voucher
  • 10 contain a £100 voucher
Not the most festive appearance, but full of winter cheer!

At a minimum, each calendar you buy will give you a profit (if you plan to spend money in IKEA, of course) of £7.05. It might give you a much bigger profit, of course, but it’s all down to luck. Either way, I consider that I’m being paid to eat chocolate…

There are terms and conditions of what you can spend them on, of course, but they seem to be valid on basically any normal purchase of (non-food) items at IKEA.

No £100 voucher in this one. Oh well. 

The vouchers are only valid from the start of December to the end of January, so they could be useful to have for the sales.

Most IKEA websites say that the calendars are 1 (or 2) per person, but when I asked in Belfast, the lady at the till didn’t mind, so I bought one for everyone in my little family.

There weren’t many left as of this afternoon. So I suggest you go now if you can.



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