Happy eBay day!

Just a quick post tonight.

According to a survey by eBay we have around £4000 of unwanted goods in our houses.

I didn’t believe that to be true for myself. Or at least, not anymore.

But then, today was eBay day.

I cleared the dining table and I gathered up everything I didn’t want that I figure would be saleable on eBay. Small, tacky or very heavy things will be sold locally, or donated.

And I was blown away by how much stuff I had. And this was before I went through my clothes.

It’s been a day of photographing everything, and hopefully getting it all up for sale this week.

One thing I stumbled upon was my old coin collection. There’s nothing in there that will make me a millionaire, but a few things that should be worth a fiver or so. I reckon about £50-£60 if I break it all up into sensible batches.

Keep scrolling if you want to see some of my eBay fodder.

A small selection of my coin collection
A shogi board that’s sat in my attic for years
I love this, but hopefully it’ll go to a new home soon
And some geekery, of course

And… A military bugle, because every house needs one (except mine)

I’ll keep you posted.

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