EBay update

Hello folks, I’ll keep updating this page to let you know how the effort of eBay day pans out.

The whole thing, has taken a looong time; photographing, compiling, writing, photo editing etc. And I still have a bundle of clothes to put up for sale- they needs an iron to look at their best, so I’ll hold off on that for now.

Honestly, I’m not sure if I’d ever do this again as it’s been such an effort, but, hopefully after this I won’t ever have so much clutter again. It would have been better to do like 2 items a day, over a long time, but then, if not for eBay day I probably wouldn’t have bothered bringing all my items together and working my way through them. Swings and roundabouts.

So, so far I’ve sold 5 items, and I have bids on another 5 items. I also have 23 watchers on a pair of Crocs, which I think might be a record. Watchers don’t necessarily turn into buyers, so I won’t count my chickens. So far that equates to roughly £20 after fees. Like I said, it won’t make me a millionaire, but that’s not the aim.

I’ve already got some of them wrapped up and ready to go. Hopefully no one wants extra photos…

I was only able to get a few items up in time this week- auctions perform best when they’re 7 days long, and finish on a Sunday evening, so I only got a few up before I ran out of Sunday. I’ve used the scheduling tool for another 55 (!) lots to start next Sunday. Even if I only get the asking price that would be over £100, but I’m really hoping to double that. I’ve kept the starting price low to try and attract buyers, so we’ll see.

To see how the eBay adventure went, please click on the links below:

Week 1 Summary. 28/4/19

Week 2 Summary 5/5/19

Week 3 Summary 12/5/19

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