EBay update week 3

Week 3 was relatively small. I haven’t posted any new items this week, so it was the same ones from last week riding over again.

I had a few bids throughout the week, but not too many. And none for big money- but still, they were coming.

One of the first things to collect a bid was a DVD box set of Eerie Indiana- remember that show?

I’d had the DVD up for sale for ages as ‘buy it now’ but I bit the bullet, lowered the price and let it go as an auction. Off it went.

I also sold ‘Pushing Daisies’ a great show from about 10 years ago that I loved, but was sadly cancelled after season 2 without any proper conclusion. Anyway… it’s sold.

In total 10 items sold this week. This time there was a different pattern to the bids. There were a lot more last minute bids of items that I didn’t think would sell, like a random camera case for example. All for very small amounts. If I’d only been posting one item, I might not have bothered.

The odd thing was that my Chinese chess set which had no bids last week suddenly had a small bidding war, pushing the price up above the asking price. A couple of extra pounds in my bank. I tweaked the title a little between last week and this and I guess that maybe made it easier to find.

Strange that after 2 weeks these things suddenly sell, but I suppose it entirely depends on when someone searches for something.

I don’t mind. It’s more space in my cupboards, and it’s passive income, which is even better.

And someone posted this to a facebook group I’m in, which I think is helping me a lot.

Now it’s just a case of trying to convert it back.

Next, to sell a couple of big items in the garage 🙂

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