eBay update week 1

Week 1 summary. 28/4/19

Seven items sold in my first week of auctions, as well as five ‘buy it now’ (BIN) items, so ten sales total.

That’s approximately £30 after fees for the BIN and around £42 after fees for the auctions. £72 in total. Not bad at all for a days’ work. Of course, this is me just recouping money that I’d previously spent, rather than me making profit, but, frankly it’s nice to recover some of the value of things.

I was a bit disappointed in the price I got for my bugle (but, y’know, not everyone needs one), and a nice brand new with tags (BNWT) bodywarmer that was my husbands- both had had a few watchers, but they didn’t translate into high figures. The pair of Crocs though sold for a surprising £10. I’d have been happy with half of that.


Three auction parcels are posted and off to their buyers, two more are still awaiting payment and the last two are still here because I need suitable boxes for posting them. Fortunately I should be able to recycle some boxes from work, so it won’t cost me anything. I’ll have to be more organised for next week though as I currently have 64 auctions up for sale and already have bids on 7 items. There’s a big interest in the clothes I have up for sale. There’s also plenty of watchers and views of other items, so I’ll hope for the best. As soon as something gets a bid I’ll package it up so it’s ready to go, rather than panicking and trying to do it all on Sunday evening.

Thanks to a friend I have a big stack of used jiffy envelopes to reuse so anything that’s small enough will go in those. It’s good because it means I can keep my posting costs low, whilst reusing something that might otherwise be bin fodder. Seeing as I detest single use plastic, it’s gratifying to be able to give it another go in the post.

But, even with 12 items away to new buyers and 64 for the incoming week, there’s still more work to be done to put items up for sale on eBay: more clothes, more coins, a couple of books and at least one pair of shoes.

However, I’m not going to rush putting up more things for sale. I’ll take my own advice and do this bit by bit.

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