eBay Update week 2

Week 2 summary. 5/4/19

This week was the big week. I had 70-odd (some very odd!) items up for sale and 64 of those were auctions finishing on Sunday night.

It was a strange week, constantly hearing the little ker-ching of the eBay app, particularly on Sunday when the auctions were coming close to an end. That’s not a complaint by the way. I also found I was hovering on my phone, instead of just getting on with my day.

So, out of 64 items, only 19 sold through auction on Sunday. But I smashed my sales target, receiving around £120 after fees for my items. I was slightly disappointed as I’d hoped that I’d have a higher hit rate, but considering that quite a queue formed behind me at the post offices (plural: I split my trips in two because I didn’t want to overtax our local post office teller).

Not bad considering I still have another 45 items up for sale and some bids already.

I was very glad I’d collected together all of my packaging materials through the week, including a lot of boxes and a big roll of bubble wrap- all free. This meant that I was already preparing my parcels as the week went on. Most of the bubble wrap went on a single parcel of small espresso cups that had sat in my cupboard for 9 years and had only been used a handful of times. I sincerely hope they all get to their new owner safely.

A couple of boxes had to be cut down at the last minute as they were more than 16cm wide- a serrated bread knife soon fixed that problem.

So, things that sold well were clothes. The biggest surprise was a maternity dress of mine that sprang from around £8 to around £18 at the very last instant. It was a nice surprise and made up for a beautiful Wallis dress that only went for around £3. Another dress that sold well was a Mantaray summer dress. The pregnancy dress was a size 18, the Mantaray a size 16 and I wonder if that was the pattern. From years of yoyo dieting I have, unfortunately got a wardrobe full of various sizes of clothes, so perhaps I’ll see what else can go.

In addition, a little Mini Boden cardigan sold well. I’d picked it up a while ago in a charity shop for 50p with the plan of holding onto it until it fitted my girls, but eBay day said that it needed to go. It went for around £6.50, so a nice mark up, which helped with some of the losses or depreciation in other items, like my Nintendo DS, which had been expensive to buy and only sold for about £12, including a game and a case. With it, I should perhaps have used the ‘Buy it now’ feature, instead of the auction. Still, it had only been gathering dust, so off it went.

A couple of large books also sold. My problem there is that i don’t have a suitable parcel. I’ll either have to cobble something together or buy something…. I’ll try cobbling first.

Things that didn’t sell were the coins, apart from a nice Russian one from the 80s. Perhaps a bit of patience is needed on that.

The Ebay photo was a bit better than this one

I had automatic repost on most of my items, and went back in to my account to manually repost the rest. 6 items are sitting with bids on them, and I’ve sold 3 PS4 games as ‘buy it now’ this week, so the decluttering is continuing with no additional work from me.

Maybe after another week of trying auctions I’ll swap them back to buy it now and just leave them to sit.

I’ve also, to be honest, collected together a bunch more items to post on Ebay, though I’m not rushing to get them all up.

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