Slimming on a budget

My weight, which goes up easily, and down with a LOT of effort and willpower, has got out of hand again.

I don’t want to tell you what it’s currently at, but theNHS BMI calculator say I could do with losing 10 pounds, on top of what I’ve lost so far.


And I think my husband would also admit that he’d put on weight over the last year. The two of us have done well losing weight in the past when we compete, and so we are currently back in competition. My cousin gets married in a month, and that is our time frame for weight loss. And there’s money riding on this, by the way.

We each put £40 into a box and started competing. The rules are as follows:

The first person to a stone (I’m not sure why we never went metric when it comes to weight but never mind) wins £20 out of the pot, the overall winner gets the other £60.

Sounds like a lot, you say, and yes it kind of does, but the point is that we had to put in an amount that would be hard to lose and that would be nice to win.

The other thing is, Slimming World would have cost us £30 per person for the same length of time as the contest, and the money is just gone to a business. Our way, at least it stays in our household. And should one person win the stone, but lose overall, they’re only down £20 overall.

I have more weight to lose than him, but men lose weight faster in general, so hopefully it’s a fair fight.

Once a week we write our weights up on a chalk board and compare our losses. Seeing how well your competitor is doing is a spur to keep going.

It’s been a week and a half so far and I’m currently in the lead, having lost over half a stone. I am crazy trying though.

I’m using a couple of apps to help me in my quest to beat the bulge.

First off, is Simple weight tracker (free version). And it really is what it says in the name.

You give it your starting weight, then input your new weights as they drop. The app plots a nice little graph with a (hopefully) downward trajectory, calculating total weight lost.

There’s a free version and a paid-for version of this app with more features. Thus normally means that they bombard you with ads when you use the free version.

So far I find that they haven’t done this, so I’m quite happy about that.

The other app I’m making use of is a pedometer one, which I’m having mixed feelings about.

I’m not sure how accurate the counter is. Sometimes when I count in my head and compare to the app there is a bit of a discrepancy, to my detriment.

On one hand this is a good thing, because it forces me to do more steps, but, as I’m currently doing a pedometer challenge, this sucks.

However, on the positive side is the achievements. The app buzzes and notifies you when you pass each thousand steps, covering the screen with confetti when you log in to see how far you’ve gone.

Then there are badges. They look something like this:

It’s a great incentive to push yourself further. I’m determined to get my 20k one soon- I did 18.5k the other day, and I’m kicking myself for not walking round the block a few times. Next time.

On the downside, the app does eat battery power, so my phone is constantly charging. In addition, there are adds that keep popping up, but they’re not over the top.

So, how’s the weight loss going?

Good so far. 9 lbs (just over 4kg) in 2 weeks. Such a rate of weight loss is probably unsustainable, but so long as it’s a steady drop, I don’t mind.

The other good thing is that on my husband and my walks we pop into the various shops nearby and raid the reduced sections. Losing pounds and saving pounds at the same time.

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