Ebay update week 4 26/5/19

Not a big eBay week by any stretch of the imagination.

I didn’t fancy waiting around for Sunday to come round before I posted a load of stuff on eBay, so I stuck a lot of items up as ‘Buy it Now’ throughout the week, with the intention of switching them out to auctions come Sunday if they didn’t sell. I didn’t get round to changing the status today, but it doesn’t matter.

I’ve sold 5 things this week including this perfume bottle:

It was a nice little object, but I had to be very careful that I gave a full account of the damage to its feet. Hopefully they’ll be happy enough- not that I charged too much.

I also sold an old £2 coin (before they became normal tender) for £4 and a couple of toy/model knights, plus 2 more little batches from the coin collection for… not too much, but hey. Like this small set of (pre-Euro) Irish coins that sold for £1. It’s the 2nd lot of these I’ve sold, yet the older, pre-decimal ones that I’m also selling (the oldest is 1928) has had

In total I’ve posted around 14 things today, including this brass sextant that I actually quite like, but there’s no room for it any more. It has a bid already, which I’m pretty happy about.

Since starting to write this, 2 more things have also sold- 3 kettle plug leads that I rescued from a to-be-binned pile in work and also the Black Death. Don’t panic, it’s a plush toy:

Perhaps people are shopping today as it’s a bank holiday.

A rant

One thing that did happen this week that annoyed me was that someone gave me neutral feedback because ‘no contact.’ This frustrates me because there is no need to contact a buyer if everything is straightforward, and they made no effort to contact me with a query or anything- I checked. So I can only assume that they expected contact as a matter-of-course. Some businesses will send a nice little, ‘we appreciate that you chose us,’ type email, but, most people don’t read those. Private sellers generally wouldn’t unless there was some issue.

The person was relatively new to Ebay, so I guess they don’t know better, though the system prompts you to make contact with a seller if you want to give anything less than positive feedback, so I think they were just being stupid.

I try my best to be a fair eBayer. In the past, I have only given negative feedback when a company I purchased from didn’t send the item and did not reply to 2 or 3 emails, and I once gave neutral feedback when an item I’d ordered took around a week and a half to be dispatched and when I queried this, the reply was completely half-assed. In both cases I contacted or attempted to contact the seller before giving feedback, because I am a grownup and that’s what grownups do.

And breathe…

I really do (mostly) love eBay.

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