Half the Garden brunch

I’m a fan of River Cottage Garden. I love the idea of upping sticks and moving somewhere rural where I can have nine bean rows and fresh eggs every day. But, anyway…

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall describes something in one of his episodes called ‘half the garden soup,’ where he basically goes around his veg patch, gathering in handfuls of everything that is good and ripe in his garden.

Sunday mornings in my house are the time to go to the fridge and see what needs used up, because wasting food is just paying money to fill your bin. I know, I know, it’s not quite as picturesque as searching happily through one’s spring garden for pea shoots or whatever, but I work with what I’ve got.

Often I’ll either create some sort of brunch, or meal plan for the next day or two. Today I found half a packet of ham with a short life-span, spring onions that had been forgotten about under a packet of sweet potatoes, past-their-date (but still fresh) courgettes, half a red pepper, and some jalapenos. I also added some chunky cubes of double-Gloucester cheese that my husband had picked up in the Spar for 20p (reduced from £2).  I also had a big box of reduced eggs.

Eggs are awesome. I had everything I needed to make a lovely frittata. Well, apart from potatoes perhaps, but I’m still low carbing.

I chopped the veggies finely, and fried them gently in some oil.

As they cooked, I broke four eggs into a bowl, whisked them briskly and added a pinch of salt and pepper.

Then I added the egg to the cooked vegetables and let them fry, mixing them slightly to begin with. After a few minutes, when the bottom of the egg mix had browned, I added a little more cheese to the top of the pan, and then stuck the whole thing under the grill.

After five minutes under the grill, the cheese has melted into the eggy mix, and the whole top of the frittata has turned a delicious golden brown. Delicious!

Add a little aioli (garlic mayo), and a big pot of coffee, and you have a brunch fit for a king- even if it did get served on one of my chipped plates!


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